Star of the Week

Star of the Week for March 26th-30th: Madi Kennedy

Dear Mrs. Taylor’s Class:
Madiline Jean Kennedy was born on August 29, 2002 and is 9 years old. Her middle name is after her Great Grandpa Childs and my middle name is Jean also. She is the middle child out of three kids. She has an older sister named Quinn in 5th grade and she has a little brother named Landon in Kindergarten. When we named her I loved the name Madiline and her Dad loved the name Madi so we decided her official name would be Madiline and I would call her Madiline and her Dad would call her Madi. Needless to say she is not a Madiline and is only known as Madi. Only her closest friends call her Madiline(Don’t read this aloud but I think she would like to be called Madiline, ask her). Madi has grown to LOVE reading. She also likes to ride her horse Molly, swim, play the wii and DS, jump on the trampoline, ride her bike, jump on hay bales, sled behind the mule, snow ski, tube behind the boat, camping & boating with friends and family, dancing and arguing with her brother. She especially loves to spend time with her 21 cousins when they are in town. Three more baby cousins are due to arrive this spring and summer! She spends a lot of her time watching and holding all of the babies and toddlers in the family. My favorite story of Madi is when she was eighteen months old and her sister was three. It was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to take a picture of the girls in their red and pink outfits. I had cut out hearts for them to hold that said I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day. I was going to send the picture to family that is out of town. I was being very particular about how she was to hold the heart because I didn’t want it to cover up her face but didn’t want it to be too low that you couldn’t read it. After about 5 minutes of me fussing over the hearts, she finally: with that stubborn look she gives, tore the heart directly in two and threw the two pieces on the floor. This only confirmed what I already knew about her. At such a young age she was showing that independent attitude! She is a very independent, creative, smart, caring and loving girl and is so fun to be around. We especially love her sense of humor. She has the best smile and is often trying to make others laugh. We thank God every day for her and are very proud of her. We love you Madi!!!! Love, Mom and Dad

 Star of the Week for March 12th-16th: Sarah Grafton
Dear Sarah, From the moment you were born you have been a ray of sunshine anywhere you went. You are a great kid to be a parent to. I hope that you have enjoyed our adventures through Europe and now into Kansas. As you continue to grow I want you to know that you should always make a decision that you can live with and that you wont regret later. Remember to always be true to yourself and that you are loved more than you can imagine. You are becoming a wonderful young women and I am so proud of you. Just remember as you enter your teenage years that I too was a teenage girl once and we can talk about anything that you want. I am always here to support you, love you, and help you succeed in all that you wish to do in life. Have a wonderful day sweet princess. You are my little princess and I have loved you from the very start. All my love and hopes for a wonderful future, Mommy

Star of the Week for March 5th-9th: Kaden Woltje
Dear Kaden, Your father and I are very excited about the opportunity to write this letter to you. We try to tell you and show you each and every day how much we love you- and this is another chance to do just that! I remember before you were born, when the doctor told us we were having a baby boy- we were so excited! We couldn't wait for you to be born. We spent lots of time picking out your name and planning for your arrival. You were born shortly before the 4th of July- Just in time for a big family get together. Everyone was eager to welcome you. You were such a happy baby boy. Always smiling and busy playing. You could crawl as fast as Noah could run and climb anything you set your mind to. Including bookshelves and kitchen tables. You started talking at a very young age. You grew quickly and were such a dear little boy. As you got older, it was so neat to watch your personality develop. Your imagination has always been so active and you have always brought light and joy into our lives. We know that God has a great plan for your life. We are excited that we get to help guide you into the awesome future that awaits you. We love you dearly- and can’t imagine our lives without our Star-wars loving, Lego- building, movie- memorizing, book- reading, salsa-eating, joke- telling, story- writing son. You are SO special! And while it is fun to be the star of the week at school, remember that you are our own star, day in and day out, so let your light SHINE!!! Love, Mom and Dad

Star of the Week for February 27th-March 2nd: Marcus Pruett

Star of the Week for February 13th-17th: Dylan Thompson

Star of the Week for February 6th-10th: Madison Luck

My Special Madison
Madison is a very special girl who is very bright and full of sunshine. Madison is a very friendly girls who loves making friends. Madison is kind, caring, and extremely helpful. Madison is very athletic in any sport. She is very good at soccer, kickball, and basketball, as well as many other sports she loves doing. Madison is a fast runner, a very great dancer, and Madison sings so pretty. Madison is very special in so many ways. Madison's loving heart for animals, her tender heart when she sees someone hurting so loves to comfort them. Madison is a very great artist who goes out of her way to draw a special beautiful picture for someone. Drawing is one of Madison's favorite hobbies to do. Madison's next favorite fun thing to do is read. Madison loves to read. Madison has read a 250 plus pages in one or two days. Madison is very proud of that. Madison is so special to me and our family by all the many wonderful gifts GOD has given her to share for all those who are around her. Madison is a very special girls who is like a tulip full of happy bright colors. Madison is just full of happy sunshine who can always put a smile on your face.

Love, Your mother, and your family. Love you Special Girl,

Star of the Week for January 23rd-27th: Mark Dodds

Dear Mrs. Taylor's Third Grade Class,
What can I say about my son Mark? First, I just want Mark to know what a blessing he truly is to me, my heart, and my family. Mark gave me some clues on what to write in this letter!! He wanted me to say that he loves to play soccer and is athletic, he fights with his two brothers- Robbie and Crag, and his sister Hannah. Though there is a lot of sibling rivalry that goes on, Mark is so kindhearted that he is the first in the family to comfort when one of us is hurt or sick. Mark especially has a very tight relationship with his younger brother Craig. He's a good big brother to him. My son is full of energy and laughter. He loves to go swimming in the summer and loves to play the Wii and XBox, and going to the park and beach. He thought it was pretty cool that as a child I enjoyed writing and wasn't too fond of math in school just like him. He visits his dad in Topeka every other weekend and a lot during the summer months and holidays. He also spends time with his grandparents in Rossville on their farm. He especially likes being at his grandparents. Sometimes Mark doesn't want to leave me, but I assure him that it's good to have breaks from one another and he needs to be with his dad. Without my son Mark my heart would be empty. I am grateful to GOD for giving me this special gift, my son.

I love you Mark. Love, Mom
Star of the Week for January 9th-13th: Konnor Tannahill

Dear Mrs. Taylor's Third Graders,

We would like to tell you a little about Konnor. He is the second born of five children. He has two brothers and two sisters. He is an awesome big brother! He helps with his baby sister and reads to his little brother.

Konnor loves to play sports. He enjoys playing football and wrestling. He always puts 100% into everything he does. He loves to win and doesn't like to lose. Sometimes, he has to work on the losing part. Another important part of Konnor's hobbies is his love of animals. He has been a member of his 4-H club for four years. When Konnor was five years old he rode a sheep at Onaga Fair and won $50. Two years ago, he rode a steer for 8 seconds!

Konnor's dad and I are very proud of the accomplishments he has made in his 9 years. Konnor has a "wild" personality! He loves to stand out in a crowd. He isn't afraid of too many things. He also likes to play jokes on people. He can be a bit ornery. Konnor is a great friend! We hope you enjoy him as much as we do!!
Kelly and Kalena Tannahill (Konnor's Parents)

Star of the Week for December 12th-16th: Paige Paxton

We are so glad that Paige is our daughter. She was born on January 21, 2003 and was the first baby to be born at the Holton hospital that year. When she was just a few hours old she was flown by helicopter to a Topeka hospital because she was so little and was having trouble breathing. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks. The doctors and nurses always talked about how feisty she was and that is why she only had to stay for two weeks before she got to come home. Paige’s brother is 14 and his name is Peyton. She also has a dog, Savvy who is almost 2. When Savvy came to live with us as a puppy, Paige was scared to death of her. Now Savvy sleeps with her or always jumps in her bed in the morning to wake her up. She squeals because Savvy steps on her hair and she doesn’t like it. ☺ Paige loves to dance and perform. She has taken dance for 5 years. She dances at home all of the time and has her mom, dad, brother and Savvy as an audience. She also likes to ride her four wheeler when the weather is nice and she is a wild woman with her blond hair flying. We think that Paige is a great kid. She cares about others, is curious about life and is not afraid to experience new things. We are so glad that she is a part of our family. We love you Paige! Mom & Dad Star of the Week for December 5th-11th: Seth Ramsey


You have made me a very proud mom with the achievements you have made. You are a hard worker and a great joke teller. I really like your sense of humor and how you enjoy making others laugh. Your hear is big for all of your friends and family. You smile a lot and that is a wonderful trait to hold. You are a very special person in our lives and we know you will do well in whatever you want to do. Keep smiling and laughing! We Love You!

Love always,

Star of the Week for November 28-Dec. 2nd: Abby Boeckman

Dear Class,
Abbygayle Lizabeth Boeckman is a very special girl! She is a kind, sweet, beautiful, and intelligent individual!

I have a 40 minute drive from my job to home and all I think about on the drive home is coming through the door and seeing Abby run up to me and give me the biggest hug. When I am deployed overseas in the military, I think about Abby and how she is doing. I never worry though, because I know Abby is just fine. I know this because I know Abby is kind and respectful to everyone. She will get her schoolwork done, she will go home and help her mom, and she works hard to get better with her sports. I thank GOD she came into my life. She is full of love, happiness, and is always so eager to learn. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and is tall and strong. I am so proud of my daughter Abby, and I know the sky's the limit for her. Daddy and Mommy Love you so much Abby!



Star of the Week for November 14th-18th: Hannah Ent

Hannah brought her dog Bo to meet the class for her Star of the Week guest!
How fun!

Star of the Week for November 7-11th: Wyatt Jones
Wyatt reads from one of his favorite Video Game books.

Dear Mrs. Taylor's Third Grade Class,

Wyatt has a story he likes to tell about when he was born. I went into labor with him on August 8th and on the way to the hospital we came to some road construction. Wyatt's grandma and aunt flagged down one of the men to tell him that I was going to have a baby. The man radioed the other construction work at the other end and because of Wyatt we were able to get through the construction without waiting.

There are so may things to tell about Wyatt that I am proud of. Most recently, Wyatt has joined Karate class and about a week and a half ago he broke his first board. This moved him up to a yellow belt.

For the first time this summer, Wyatt went ice skating in Colorado. He is such a natural at it. While the rest of us were still hanging onto the sides, Wyatt was flying by doing turns and jumps. Another thins he likes to do is shred ice, or make snow by shaving the ice with the side of the blade on his skate. When we take Wyatt ice skating, it is hard to get him off of the ice. He just loves it so much.

Wyatt has grown up on a farm and loves animals. His favorite pet is his cat, Kendall. However, Wyatt does have chickens at home and has taken them to the fair two years in a row where he received all blue ribbons. He also likes to do arts and crafts. His first year he received a purple ribbon for his arts and craft stepping stone and the second year he got a blue ribbon for the name plate paddle.

Wyatt is a fun, loving boy who gets along with everyone. He likes to help others and I am very proud to have him as my son.

Mrs. Jones

Star of the Week for October 24th-28th: Taylor Large

A letter from Taylor's Mom:

Taylor Ann Large: She may be tiny, but she is full of energy. She is very caring, and has a big heart. Taylor likes to help others that need help. She is very smart, and likes to read books. Taylor is a really big Oklahoma fan, and likes to watch football sometimes with her step-dad. Taylor enjoys playing sports, dancing, listening to music, and playing games. She really likes the new X-Box Kinect games.

Taylor's Mom

Star of the Week for October 10th-14th: Kian Beasley

Dear Mrs. Taylor’s Class,
We would like to tell you about our AMAZING son. He is a fantastic older brother. He helps his 6 year old sister Macen with her homework, he also teachers her how to play games and sports. He is also great at teasing and scaring her. He loves football, baseball, soccer, and swimming. Kian likes to read. He has read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. He is hoping to get the 6th one which comes out soon.
Kian is a big KU fan. His dad is a big Missouri fan☹. So for Christmas Kian received a shirt that said:
The Good – KU
The Bad – K-State
The Ugly –Missouri

He LOVES that t-shirt.

We are truly blessed to have such a thoughtful and sweet son. We are so happy that he gets to spend the entire year with your class.

Have a great school year,

Dave and Lacy Beasley (Kian’s dad & mom)

Star of the Week for October 3-6th was Olivia McAcey

Olivia reads her favorite book: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Olivia is 8 years old and is in the third grade. She has a brother Ian, who is 12 years old, mom Jackie, and dad, Roger. She loves playing outside with her kittens and our dog Freckles, jumping on the trampoline, playing softball, swimming, riding her bike and go-cart with her brother, shooting baskets, and now it seems like she is really enjoying reading. She likes school, playing with others, likes to talk (but hopefully not too much). When we heard of the chance to adopt a baby, we jumped at the chance and now our family is complete. We have a daughter named Olivia and we love her so much.

Her Dad,


Star of the Week for September 12-16th: Keegan Wood